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Drama Essay Examples

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The Elements of Drama

I am now going to talk about our piece of drama. We have being studying the topic anorexia for a couple of weeks now. In this piece of drama we have looked at and developed ideas and done some study about’ Nervous Conditions’. In this extract a teenage girl has been living in England for…

Comparing The Golden Pathway Annual to Blue Remembered Hills

In the autumn term of 2006 I performed as Enid and The Head in The Golden Pathway Annual, a play by John Harding & John Burrows, for my scripted performance. The class was split into groups of three (which was very fitting as in The Golden Pathway Annual most scenes have only three characters, only…

Drama Comparison

I am going to compare the scenes in which we have studied for She Stoops to Conquer and Guys and Dolls, I am going to discuss the similarities and differences between the two chosen sections. The sections that I am going to discuss are Act 1 scene 2 in Guys and Dolls, and In She…



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Tennessee Williams

Streetcar Named Desire was written to be performed. It was written to be watched. Tennessee Williams wrote it as a piece of theatre to deal with and convey contemporary ideas at that were profound at the time. Ideas of homosexuality and mental disorders were among the ones dealt with in this play. Evidently audiences were…

To create various drama pieces

In this portfolio, I am going to explain how we explored and were influenced by the drama stimulus, a play called “Blood Brothers”, to create various drama pieces. To create these drama pieces, I needed to find out what are the messages behind the play. The messages are also a form of themes. Therefore the…

“A Streetcar Named Desire” by Tennessee Williams

Over the last few lessons in drama we have been working on a number of tasks to do with Tennessee Williams’ “A Streetcar Named Desire”. These tasks involved using movement as well as words; some were naturalistic and others were much more abstract. Our first task was to walk like different characters from the play,…

The Orphan

Just looking at her in her white coffin, looking glum, made me feel so isolated and depressed. I just wanted one last hug with her and to take back my vicious words that I now regret. Deep down I always loved her, though she could be a pain. The words of last week were ringing…

How Research Material Was Gathered and Used Within the Drama Process

When we first began discussing the possible content of our play we were provided with stimulus materials to help us develop our ideas. This included newspaper articles, pictures and extracts from several poems. This selection allowed us to work with a number of influences that we otherwise would not have had. As we further developed…

Oliver Twist- Development Phase

In our drama class, our teacher Mrs. Oteng had asked us to develop on our performance of Oliver Twist. We had previously performed the response phase which was a role play with the main scenes of the novel by Charles Dickens. In the topic of crime in society, in which we were covering, the novel…

Blue Remembered Hills

The plot and background Set in the West country (Devonshire/Cornwall) in 1943, the playwright Dennis Potter explores the traumatic childhoods of 7 young children. Originally written for television in 1979, the play follows seven 7 year olds through an actual day of their lives. As the play takes place in ‘real time’ the whole thing…

The dramatic presentation of justice and morality in The Crucible

Sin and Struggle is one of the most common things we can come across in our life. This concept of Sin and Struggle is presented very dramatically in the play of The Crucible. The play describes the fury mass hysteria, which took place in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692 and shows people’s self-centred attitude. The dictionary…

Successful piece of drama

Arthur Miller was born in 1915 and wrote one of the most successful historical plays, “The Crucible”. “The Crucible” was written in 1953 America. Fear of communism s scoured the country and the McCarthy witch-hunts and trials began. It was all about self-preservation, so why write a play knowing the danger you were putting yourself…

20th century drama

As head of court Danforth also holds pull within Salem and is able to make his views known and perhaps persuade a few to adopt them. He is a figure of authority yet shows much prejudice and allows no one to change his mind. Proctor and Danforth, two men of unmistakable force face each other…

Homeless People

How does Robert Swindells make you feel sympathetic to the situation that homeless people find themselves in? Stone cold is a book which relates to the real world written by the author ‘Robert Swindells.’ In this book Link appears to be struggling with life as each step he takes in to the real world gradually…

“Stone Cold” by Robert Swindells

A novel that I have read recently is “Stone Cold” by Robert Swindells. In this novel there are two main characters called Link and Shelter. These characters have very different personalities. I intend to consider the ways in which the author has created these two very different personalities and will explain my reaction to each…

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